Our Menu


Prawn crackers  £1.50
Crispy seaweed v  £3.95
Sesame prawn toast  £4.95
Cameron Rebosado (battered prawn)  £4.95
Fried calamari  £4.95

Crispy Aromatic Duck
Served with shredded cucumber, spring onion and Cirlio’s duck sauce
Quarter (6 pancakes)  £8
Half (12 pancakes)  £16
Whole (24 pancakes)  £29

Spring Rolls
Vegetable v  £3.95
Chicken and pork  £4.95
Crab and prawn  £4.95

Chicken skewers with garlic and chilli sauce c  £4.95
Pork skewers with barbecue sauce  £4.95
Beef skewers with peri-peri sauce c £5.50

Spicy Tofu and ginger leek v c £4.95
Wonton soup  £4.95

Cirilo’s Specials

Specially prepared Filipino dishes with a selection of fresh meats and vegetables cooked in a mixed savoury sauce.
Pinakbet v  £8.50
Wok fried aubergines, fine beans, okra, pumpkins, pak choi, ginger and tomato sauce.
Sizzling chicken sisig c  £8.95
Shredded grilled chicken with ginger, onion, lime, chicken liver puree, egg, chillies and spring onion.
Sizzling pork sisig c  £8.95
Shredded grilled pork loin with ginger, onion, lime, chicken liver puree, egg, chillies and spring onion.
Sizzling beef sisig c  £8.95
Shredded rump steak with ginger, onion, lime, chicken liver puree, egg, chillies and spring onion.
Adobo £8.95
Slices of pork cooked with soy, ginger, black peppercorn, vinegar, bay leaf, onion, potato, spring onion and coriander.
Kare-kare  £8.95
Slices of rump steak with fine beans, breast of aubergines, pak choi cooked in peanut sauce and served with garlic and ginger anchovy sauce.
Beef Kaldereta  £8.95
Slices of beef cooked with pineapple, tomato, chicken liver puree, gherkins, olives, potato, mixed peppers, pak choi, soy, annatto reduction and coriander.
Mechado £8.95
Slices of rump steak marinated in lemon, ginger, garlic, soy, cooked with fresh oriental spices bay leaf and black peppercorn.
Sizzling gambas   £9.95
King prawn with ginger, onion, mushrooms, mixed peppers, pak choi, topped with shredded egg, spring onion and lime.
Sizzling mixed seafood c  £12.95
King prawn, squid, cod fillets, mushrooms, pak choi, mixed peppers, topped with shredded egg, spring onion and lime.
Sinigang  £12.95
Tamarind based stew served with fresh prawn, tomatoes, onions, root vegetables and seasonal greens.

Stir Fry Wok Noodles

A choice of noodles and fresh vegetables cooked in an selection of savoury oriental spices.
Pancit bihon
Rice vermicelli noodles cooked with vegetable broth, seasoned with lime, soy and sesame oil.
Vegetarian pancit v  £7.95
Mixed meat and seafood pancit  £8.95
Pancit Singapore 
Rice vermicelli noodles cooked with egg, Malayan curry, soy, sesame oil, garnished with sesame seeds and coriander.
Vegetarian Singapore noodles v c  £7.95
Singapore noodles with shredded breast of chicken fillets and prawn c  £8.95
Pancit udon
Round thick wheat noodles with egg, button mushrooms cooked in Malayan curry, soy, sesame oil and garnished with sesame seeds and coriander.
Vegetarian udon wok fry v c  £7.95
Spicy udon wok fry with shredded breast of chicken and prawn c £8.95
Chow Mein
Egg noodles cooked with vegetables, seasoned in soy, sesame oil and oyster sauce.
Grilled fillet of chicken chow mein  £8.95
Crispy slices of pork chow mein  £8.95
Grilled breast of duck chow mein   £8.95
Beef chow mein   £8.95
Prawn chow mein   £9.95

Stir Fry Wok

A selection of fresh vegetables, chicken, meat, seafood cooked in a selection of savoury oriental sauces.
Vegetarian Dishes
Vegetable Chop Suey
v  £5.95

Chicken Dishes
Chicken with garlic and chilli
 beans c  £6.95
Chicken sweet and sour  £6.95
Chicken teriyaki  £7.50
Chicken red curry c £8.50

Pork Dishes
Pork with broccoli and cashew nuts  £6.95
Pork sweet and sour  £6.95
Pork teriyaki  £7.50

Beef Dishes
Beef with broccoli and cashew nuts   £7.50
Beef with garlic and chilli beans c  £7.50
Beef teriyaki  £7.50

Duck Dishes
Duck with broccoli and cashew nuts  £7.50
Duck teriyaki  £7.50

Seafoods Dishes
Spicy squid with seasonal vegetables c £9.95
King prawn with piri-piri sauce c £9.95

Soup Noodles (Mami)

A tasty hot broth with a choice of noodles (egg noodles, rice vermicelli noodles or udon noodles) and fresh vegetables.
Vegetable mami with tofu v  £8.50
Chicken mami with garlic and herb spices  £8.95
Beef mami with teriyaki  £8.95
Pork loin mami  £8.95
Duck mami with oriental spices  £8.95
Mixed seafoods mami prawn, squid, cod fillets  £9.95


Pak choi v  £4.95
Broccoli v  £4.95
Garlic and oyster mushrooms v £4.95
Pumpkin and fine beans  v £4.95
Spinach garlic and lime v £4.95

Rice Dishes

Steam rice v
Regular  £2
Large  £3
Egg fried rice
Large  £4
Vegetarian fried rice v  c
Regular  £3.50
Large  £4.50
Mixed meat fried rice
Regular  £4
Large  £5.95
Seafood fried rice
Regular  £4
Large  £5.95


Please ask the waiter for the desserts of the day.

Please note that all meat and poultry is Halal.
v – Suitable for Vegetarians.  c – Chili.  ! Some dishes may contain nuts.
Caution: Although every precaution has been taken to remove bones. Some may remain.
Allergy advice: Please check with the chef, if you have any specific dietary requirements as a great deal of our dishes contain sesame seed/oil, nuts, eggs, pepper, soya, shellfish, gluten, wheat and which could also be used in our marinades.
Service Charge is not included. However, A discretionary 10% will be added to parties of five or more.